Operation October & A Free Nail Party!

28 Sep

I’m getting really excited about succeeding with money. I am not forcing myself to do anything yet…except forcing myself to do nothing. I need to start simple. Baby step myself into making it a full month with spending so little money on myself, on fun stuff, on anything but bills really, that by the end of the month, everyone of those blood sucking, loan organization, credit card mumbo jumbo jerk faces that I owe money to will be paid and paid on time and maybe, just maybe, I will have money left over. A couple $10 or so, but hey, that’s something!

I don’t want to ask my mom to help me at all for the month of October. I know that sounds pathetic, but hey, it is what it is and she has helped me for as long as I can remember. It’s time I pony up and sit at home most nights, rein in spending at the grocery store, indulge in free activities, etc., etc., so that I can feel completely and totally self-sufficient. I have no idea what it will be like, but like I said, I’m excited for the challenge. And also, genuinely curious to see where my money goes.

To hold myself accountable – monthly budget goes here. Let’s see where exactly my money goes. Maybe I will even make a pie chart. Color-coded. Just so we can see how dire the student loan payback situation is these days. And because it sounds kinda fun. I know some people have it worse than me. I also know some people have it the same but manage it better. And some people are just loaded and don’t have these problems at all – those bastards. But I’m sure they don’t have as much fun as I do….

For example! Look at this badass free activity. Well, I did buy a bottle of wine for $6, but that also bought a hell of a lot of fun. Nail Party with the girls!



….Anyway! Check in for Operation October! Coming at you live this weekend. Budget showdown begins.


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