My Credit Card Company can S a D

9 Nov

Seriously. I have spoken to those fucking morons 11 times in the last 2 months. Every time we speak, they give me different information like,

“no Ms. Dwyer, you’re not enrolled in Auto Pay!”

Are you sure? 

“Yes! We’re sure!” 

And today, “Auto Pay has come and gone and there is no money in your account, Ms. Dwyer!”

Well did you change it to the account I told you to change it to 8 phone calls ago?

“Oh Ms. Dwyer, sorry! We never got that information!”

OHMYGOD! YESYOUDID! Because I gave it to you. And some other person after that. And a third person after that and you just keep fucking up and then guess who pays for it? Me. Literally. I pay a crazy amount of money for the mistakes of your stupid, incompetent, company.

And what gets me the most is their stupid organizational policies on verbage. Like even if I were to call them a cunt ass bastard (and I am really sorry for the profanity, but it drives it home, no?), they would be like, “oh I’m sorry Ms. Dwyer! It seems there has been a slight error of communication and we appreciate your business!” I just…I can’t deal. It makes me want to rip my eyelids off my face and not least because they are so nice when I am so angry, but because as a result, I feel like a complete asshole when I can’t contain my rage at an organization and consequently take it out on some poor chap just trying to make a living.

It all blows. The entire experience leaves me exhausted. And then I remember why I ignore my checkbook and buy that second shot of whiskey at the bar. I mean I have the money. In my account. I work really hard for that money. And they still mess it up somehow. Credit Card Companies. Student Loan Organizations. I mean, they can all just shut up and die. I hate them for making me stress out this much in a life that is otherwise really happy. It just feels like a setback in my goal to be mindful of my money. Cause now all I want to do is ignore it.

And instead, I have to go straight home tonight and call the credit card company back because when I tried to go make my manual payment online, as I requested 5 calls ago, I got an error message. Of course I did. And in my current state, it’s probably not safe to try and make a payment over the phone because the second someone says, thank you, have a nice day, we appreciate you, thanks for calling, how are you, or any other slight congenial phrase, I might say mean things about their mother and promptly hang up.

On an unrelated note, I stepped in dog shit this morning. Hopefully budgeting after work over whiskey does not send me into a tailspin of rage, but instead allows me to regain some control over this day. Oy.



One Response to “My Credit Card Company can S a D”

  1. Lou November 9, 2011 at 11:18 pm #

    It’s like a book review: WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING ON FACEBOOK
    David Qwest sent my first modem to a completely different address twenty miles away, and a year later when I moved across the hall, sent me two modems when I specifically told them I didn’t need any because I was just moving across the hall. And both times they were sickly sweet when I called to complain. Also, I’m sorry. I hope tomorrow is better.
    Aimee OMG! That was me this month! We always pay our cards in full every month, but last month there was no money to cover it. Whoops. OK, we were wrong. In the past when that has happened we just get a fee. This time, they cancelled the direct d…ebit. Without telling us. So I rang them and I was like, what is this €11 service charge for, we pay off our balance every month. They said that’s for the sixty something charge you made last month. If you don’t pay it’s charged at a rate of………………19.5%!!!! Holy shit batman, I am in the wrong profession.
    Jacqueline Anne I cannot deal with idiots answering phones and resulting in me losing money. However, I am the queen of getting shit done…a few tips: always write down names, every single person you talk to every time, be prepared to spend a couple hours… talking to morons, insist on speaking to a supervisor then demand their supervisor, do not be afraid to yell and then yell a little more. Eventually, you will get someone high up enough to fix everything you need AND cancel any fees you can prove are their fault because you wrote down so and sos name and exactly what they said they did at what time and when. Good luck 🙂
    SweetBird I really enjoyed the visual of you being angry enough to rip off your eyelids. Your rage is well written. Silver lining?
    Erin LOVE it and HATE it all at once– well done!
    Karl I feel your pain, the credit card debt I returned home with from overseas was fucking out of control. The first few people I spoke to while trying to sort out an effective payment plan were the most incompetent bunch of cunts ever, but, unfortunately, they were far too polite for me to feel justified if I spoke to them the way I wanted to and told them I hope they get fired and resort to sucking off businessmen in the alley behind the bank to get by

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