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What’s to come

31 Jul

I know this blog will evolve into its own beast, but I’ve been thinking a lot about what might appear and below are some of my ideas:

1. Debt Party Documentation with my lovely friends, Izzy, Patrick, and Beth. Patrick is a very, very charismatic accountant and us girls really want to listen to him talk to us about money and making a financial plan. He is probably the only boy who could garner our attention in such matters. We love him. And just look at him. You want him to talk to you about your finances too, don’t you?

Izzy and Patrick

We also plan share tips, try tactics, and bitch a lot about money problems. All documented of course so we can all learn from each other as one big happy family.

My girls - Izzy and Beth

2. Personal Examples. Yeah I think I’m willing to share my budget. My info. An exposed look at what I am really dealing with so that everyone actually gets “it”. I am sure that sadly, many people will relate.

3. Stories – I really do need to call student loan companies and find out my options. And I need to transfer my credit card balance. And, and, and, essentially I need to get dirty and dive into that muck…and when I do, I’m gonna put the conversations on record.

4. Book Reviews. Debt-Free by 30? I guess I’ll read this, and other books, and tell you if their worth your while.

5. And you…I want to hear all of the above from you too. What have you done to make an extra buck? Do you have rad tips for the rest of us? Funny stories, good resources, just need to vent? Share in the comments please. It’s such a miserable endeavor, I hope we can see we’re not alone in it.

❤ Lou